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Hair By Sophia

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My mission as Hair by Sophia is to make each and every one of my clients feel like the best version of themselves using natural products. I use Kemon color which is based off organic ingredients.This color is ammonia free, PPD free, and odorless. Kemon color protects, calms and soothes your hair, while providing hydration and shine, because it is rich in yogurt, calendula, and flax. I love any color creation and specialize in dimensional color, specifically the technique called Balayage. For products I use KEVIN.MURPHY. These products were essentially created as “skincare for your hair.” This line is also based from organic ingredients and has many anti-aging and restoring properties. One of my biggest passions behind the chair are hair extensions. I carry different forms of extensions all varying in longevity and maintenance, like Great Lengths Hair Extensions and Halo Couture. Maintaining a healthy lifestyle is a passion of mine, which is why I have chosen to carry these brands.